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Mission: Harpy Eagle

Working Together to Protect Panama's National  Bird.


Kathia Herrera from the Peregrine Fund, the Harpy Eagle flying, and Colegio Brader students.

Mission: Harpy Eagles members with elementary grade students from Colegio Brader.


Welcome to Mission: Harpy Eagle, where our work to protect this magnificent bird, we hope, will inform, interest, and in many ways inspire you to spread the word and educate others about the marvels of the Harpy and what each of us can do to learn from and better take care of them.


The Harpy Eagle, Panama's national bird, is renowned as one of the most powerful and exotic in all the world. Despite its rarity and fine distinction, it is also, unfortunately, near the top of the world's "Red Book List" that identifies animals considered to be in danger of extinction.

It's for this reason that we're glad you're here! Join us by navigating around this site, where you'll not only learn about the Harpy and our inspired mission, but also learn how you, too, can join in and help in the plight of this most majestic of creatures, by becoming a fully-fledged member of "Mission: Harpy Eagle".


Puppet show theater about the Harpy Eagle.

We created a puppet show theater to teach about the Harpy Eagle. The short story we introduce is called "Harpy Eagle Visits Summit Gardens". Everybody loved this short play and learned a lot about the Harpy Eagle in a different and fun way!

The Harpy Eagle is in danger of extinction.