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"Sister Schools" Network


Here's where you can get the latest scoop on what we're doing to multiply grassroots support for the Harpy through a nationwide, student volunteer-driven, "Sister Schools Network" initiative.

The goal of this initiative is simple: To mobilize students at other schools throughout the country to learn about what they, too, can do to help in the plight of the Harpy. As we leverage our collective strength to "spread the word" and educate others, we can move mountains to help save the Harpy from extinction!

Check back often to stay posted on what's being done to add your school to the Mission: Harpy Eagle cause, and also to learn from some "best practices" and case studies that will tell you exactly what has worked (and sadly, what hasn't) in the many "success stories" we have to share!

"Sister Schools
(As of April 2005)

We will be updating the list.

Pedro J. Ameglio School


To get things done!

Our strength is in our numbers and our dedicated sense of purpose to help the Harpy. Can we count on YOUR support?

Members of the "Sister Schools Network"

Pedro J. Ameglio School

Pedro J. Ameglio School was the destination for our initial Mission: Harpy Eagle visit.

The lively, spirited, and informative presentation at Pedro Ameglio School was anchored by a series of PowerPoint transparencies, which were created entirely alone by the 7th grade volunteer students at Panama's Colegio Brader.
To add yet more fun and excitement to the day,  Colegio Brader's student volunteers created a variety of poster-sized visuals and other interpretive aids, plus engaged all participating students in a host of didactic "Harpy-based" games.  Not content that they'd done their job, these same volunteer students then put Pedro J. Ameglio's students to work, creating Harpy Eagle posters of their own to honor the national bird of Panama.