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Other Mission Harpy Eagle Visits


It was a great and fun experience to visit "El Vijìa School", located in Buena Vista, Colón. We had the chance to participate with Peregrine Fund experts such as Marta Curti and Kathia Herrera. Our goal was to teach interesting facts about the Harpy Eagle and make kids enjoy the experience. Besides sharing our knowledge with them, we organized games where all the students participated actively.
Our Mission: Harpy Eagle team also brought DVD's, Videos, and pictures taken during our field trips to the Peregrine Fund in Clayton. Students from El Vijia School invited us to visit them another time, and we would love to come back!


Students from Escuela "El Vijia". 


Mission: Harpy  Eagle appreciates the invitation given by the Peregrine Fund to visit this school.

Having fun with Mission: Harpy Eagle members

Soon, Mission: Harpy Eagle members will be ready for another "mission" to spread the word about our magnificent national bird.